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deciphering their diversity and evolutionary history

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The Mydaidae (Diptera) of Southern Africa

The Mydaidae (Diptera) of Southern Africa
Journal Article
Hesse, AJ
Annals of the South African Museum
Afroleptomydas, Afroleptomydas Crossoprosopus, Afromydas, Afrotropical, Agaperemius, Arenomydas, Cephalocera, Cephalocerodes, Ectyphinae, Ectyphus, Eremohaplomydas, Halterorchis, Haplomydas, Heleomydas, Heteroleptomydas, key, Lachnocorynus, Leptomydas, Leptomydinae, Mydidae, Namadytes, Namamydas, Neolaparopsis, Nomoneura, Nomoneuroides, Nothomydas, Notosyllegomydas, Opomydas, Oreomydas, Pseudonomoneura, Rhopalia, Rhopaliinae, Syllegomydas, Syllegomydas Notobates, Syllegomydinae, Vespiodes

This contribution is a comprehensive revision of all the known genera and species of the dipterous family Mydaidae occurring in southern Africa, including South West Africa, Botswana (Bechuanaland), parts of Rhodesia and Portuguese East Africa. Altogether 22 genera and 2 subgenera are dealt with and described. Of these 12 genera and 2 subgenera are new. The genera are grouped into 3 subfamilies and 3 new tribes. The number of species described in detail is 156 of which 108 are new. Ten varieties are also described and among them 8 are new. Descriptive keys for the separation and identification of the subfamilies, tribes, genera. subgenera, species and varieties are given. Two maps, indicating the geographical distribution of the genera and subgenera, are given and 27 figures of various morphological structures of taxonomic importance in the text and 11 on 2 plates supplement the descriptions. A list of the most important bibliographical references is given and an index is appended.