deciphering their diversity and evolutionary history

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Asiloid Flies
deciphering their diversity and evolutionary history

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Mydidae species catalog

Species catalog of 478 valid Mydidae species (563 names including 6 subspecies, 57 synonyms, 6 homonyms, 3 nomina nuda, and 11 unavailable names). Last updated 2017-05-19.

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Cacatuopyga auriculosa (Séguy, 1934) valid
type locality: Viet Nam: Hoa Binh: Hoa-Binh
type depository: MNHN-H1F*
original combination: Mydas auriculosa
distribution: Oriental: Viet Nam
distribution note:
Cacatuopyga basifascia (Walker, 1859) valid
type locality: Indonesia: Sulawesi Selatan: Makassar
type depository: BMNH-H1F*
original combination: Mydas basifascia
distribution: Oriental: Indonesia
distribution note: Indonesia (Sulawesi)
Cacatuopyga carmichaeli (Brunetti, 1913) valid
type locality: India: West Bengal: 'Darjeeling'
type depository: Indian Museum (NZSI)
original combination: Mydas carmichaeli
distribution: Oriental: India, Bhutan
distribution note:
Cacatuopyga fruhstorferi (Wulp, 1896) valid
type locality: Indonesia: Java: Sukabumi
type depository: ?RMNH
original combination: Mydas fruhstorferi
distribution: Oriental: Indonesia, Malaysia
distribution note: Indonesia (Timor), Malaysia (peninsula, Borneo)
Cacatuopyga ruficornis (Wiedemann, 1824) valid
type locality: India: Tamil Nadu: Tranquebar (= Tharangambadi)
type depository: ZMUC
original combination: Mydas ruficornis
distribution: Oriental: India, Sri Lanka
distribution note: