deciphering their diversity and evolutionary history

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Asiloid Flies
deciphering their diversity and evolutionary history

Sample of Asiloid Flies

Mydidae species catalog

Species catalog of 478 valid Mydidae species (563 names including 6 subspecies, 57 synonyms, 6 homonyms, 3 nomina nuda, and 11 unavailable names). Last updated 2017-05-19.

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Messiasia lanei Andretta, 1951 valid
type locality: Peru: Lima: Lima
type depository: USNM-H1F*
original combination: Messiasia lanei
distribution: Neotropical: Ecuador, Peru
distribution note:
Messiasia penai Wilcox and Papavero, 1975 valid
type locality: Peru: Madre de Dios: Avispas (= Avispa)
type depository: CNC-H1F*
original combination: Messiasia penai
distribution: Neotropical: Peru
distribution note: