deciphering their diversity and evolutionary history

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Asiloid Flies
deciphering their diversity and evolutionary history

Sample of Asiloid Flies

Afrotropical Asilidae species catalog

Species catalog of 1,703 valid Afrotropical Asilidae species (1,991 names including 241 synonyms, 13 homonyms, 32 nomina nuda, and 2 unavailable names). There are 27 species that have not, for a variety of reasons, been assigned to any Afrotropical genus (Oldroyd 1980: 373 lists 14 unplaced species, Londt and Dikow 2017: 48 list 22 unplaced species). In all instances, the type specimens require re-examination and at least some of these appear to have been lost. A search by subfamily "unplaced" will show these species below.

This online catalog is based on the Afrotropical catalog by Oldroyd (1980), was kept up-to-date by Jason Londt until 2016, and is now updated by Torsten Dikow.

Last updated on 18 Nov 2020.

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