deciphering their diversity and evolutionary history

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Asiloid Flies
deciphering their diversity and evolutionary history

Sample of Asiloid Flies

Web-based identification keys to Apioceridae, Asilidae, and Mydidae taxa, which have either been adapted from previously published keys and converted for web-based dissemination or the keys are more recent and developed specifically for web-based dissemination. Both, dichotomous, pathway keys or matrix-based, multi-access keys have been developed.

The software Lucid Builder v4 is used to import paper-based keys or to create web-based dichotomous keys. Some of the previously published keys are illustrated with original drawings from the publication, added images, or links to respective web-sites with images.

All keys run from the Lucidcentral Keyserver in a modern browser and no additional software is needed for the user.

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