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deciphering their diversity and evolutionary history

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News - 9 April 2010

9 April, 2010 - 09:45 -- DikowT

The first publication resulting from the NSF REVSYS grant has been published. Torsten Dikow wrote a short paper on the Mydidae fauna of the United Arab Emirates recording four species (three of which are new records for the UAE). The publication is part of the 3rd volume of the book Arthropod Fauna of the United Arab Emirates edited by Antonius van Harten. (see bibliography for complete reference).

Eremomidas arabicus Bequaert, 1961 (Leptomydinae), Perissocerus arabicus Bequaert, 1961 (Rhopaliinae), as well as Rhopalia gyps Bowden, 1987 and Rhopalia olivieri Macquart, 1838 (Rhopaliinae) are now recorded from the UAE. In addition, Eremomidas arabicus has been recorded for the first time from Oman and represents the first Mydidae species recorded from this country. The publication is accompanied by photographs of Eremomidas arabicus in the wild taken by Jan Batelka and Rhopalia olivieri in the laboratory taken by James Turner.